10 Reasons You Will Love Queen Rania’s Initative “Edraak”

When you hear the title Queen Rania, you think of a leader who lobby’s for empowering women, fights for a better education for children, and urges world leaders and governments to join her in the walk of making this world a better place through education.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah launches Edraak.

We live in a region where six million children are kept out of the classroom and more than a quarter of adults – as many as 60 million people – are illiterate. It is a heart breaking fact that 1 in 3 women in the Arab world are not granted the opportunity of an education, and it’s devastating that our youth have taken up education to be a grade that they need to earn and get it over with. Education has gone from believing in your passion and wanting to be literate in various topics, to graduating from school and hoping to land a job which you truly don’t belong in because the majority of our youth do not have the soft skills to make it in the work place.

Today I was honored to be invited by the Office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah to attend the launch of Edraak. It was a one of a kind opportunity and I was inspired to hear what her Majesty had to say about Education in Jordan and the Arab World and how we can empower the youth through Edraak’s platform, a not-for-profit platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Arabic.

Her Majesty Queen Rania started her speech today by mentioning how statistics nowadays in the Arab world have become a reflection of the decreasing quality of education and skills of the graduated that do not match the demands of the dynamic work place. It is no surprise seeing that the number of books translated now days cannot compare to a fraction of the books being translated by leading countries like Spain annually.

In a fast paced world where everything is based on innovation, skill, education, and evolving technology, how will our youth be able to produce without the soft skills that can make them competitive in the market?

The Queen Rania Foundation has found the answer to making and building a solid education and offering the skills required to excel with Edraak. Here are 10 reasons you will fall in love with this initiative as much as I did:

# 1- Edraak is a one of a kind opportunity that will make both education and innovation worthwhile for citizens who aim to invest in a better future, hence reflection on the society and country as a whole

# 2 Edraak offers courses from world renowned universities such as MIT, Berkly, and Harvard, language barriers will not be an issue. All courses are offered in Arabic to ensure top notch quality to Arabic Speaker

#3 Edraak recognizes that it cannot replace a traditional education, on the contrary, it will work hand in hand, and believes in complimenting what goes beyond the class room to present an opportunity to many to flourish via electronic knowledge and enhance the opportunities to man

# 4 Edraak will make the dream of an education for all a reality – and the most important part is, it’s isn’t only about the dream of an education – it’s about the HOPE as well

#5 Edraak recognizes that Education is a basic human right and a path to a healthy life, and the platform/initiative is delighted to make it happen

#6 The launch of Edraak today wasn’t only about awareness, courses start in June, so head out to their website and sign up today .

#7 Education is an ongoing journey and Edraak will ensure that everyone is on board. The platform will be tested as per the launch in Jordan, and hopefully this will be a success story that will be spread to be adapted across the region and the Arab World

#8 The listing of the Top 200 Universities in the world does not have an Arab university. Among the Top 500 Universities, only Four Arab Universities are listed. Let’s empower people through courses on Edraak and make sure our Universities are listed with pride

#9 Edraak recognizes that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)  should become a must in schools to empower children’s education from a young age

and finally…

#10 Edraak is launched from a vision of my Role Model. Her Majesty Queen Rania believes that the Arab world needs an educational revolution, and that a fundamental change is needed to fulfill every parent’s ambition to provide their child with a quality education. Your Majesty…You just made it possible!

While I was lucky enough to be at Edraaks Launch this morning and to be inspired by Her Majesty’s Speech, I will leave you to enjoy Her Majesty’s Speech.

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