Champions Amman: Good Food…Average Service…Bad Hygiene

After a night of trying to figure out where to dine, my fiance and I were confused on whether to go to for a proper sit-down formal dinner or some drive through junk food and settled on Champions. The drive to the usually over-crowded Shmesiani was surprisingly pleasant and we made it to the hotel by 9:15. We were seated and placed our order by 9:30, which were very simple, a classic Champions Burger with Mushrooms on the side and extra pickles for me, and a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich for him, no drinks just water.

It was one of those nights that I didn’t feel like complaining much so I kept little details to my self because I wanted to enjoy a pleasant conversation with my significant other, but I did notice a few things that they should work on. The water was served at room temprature, the waiter didn’t even bother ask if we wanted ice, or colder water, he just poured the water and stomped off, let alone not once came back to check if everything was okay. I swear all I couldn’t think of was, what a grumpy waiter, he seemed to be in one of those bad moods, that not only affect him, but affect the dining experience of people ordering from him.

By 10:00 p.m I remember saying “Damn its 10:00 already I am starved” and we got our food moments after, so come to think about it, 30 to 35 minutes for a burger and a chicken sandwhich is ridiclous even for the standards of champions, makes me wonder how much one must wait for should they have ordered steaks. As a matter of fact, I don’t eat mushrooms, so I asked the waiter in advance to set them on the side because I know Othman enjoys them, and when we got our 30 minute late order, I had to remind the waiter, and he said it needed 5 more minutes. Your already late, you could’ve just gotten our order 5 minutes later with all the ingrideients served at the same time.

I took a bite of the Buffalo Chicken Sandwhich, it was good, seemed grilled but good, and in my opinon could use more Buffalo Salsa, the messier, the yummier in my opinion, you’ve got to have a healthy appetite to food. The Classic Burger was mouth-watering, I could have one every single day, I always say it’s the swiss cheese, we’re used to having burgers with cheddar cheese, but am sure it goes beyond that. The patty it self has that char-grilled taste to it which I love, so if your stopping by Champions, you might want to go classic, you can never go wrong ordering their originals.

On one last note, I took off to the rest rooms before leaving, wanted to wash off, the grill/onion stink off my fingers, and the restrooms were a disappointment. Both toilets were stuffed with toilet paper and smelled, and the floor by the sinks had water that was left unattended on the floor, I’d expect better service and hygine from a sports bar in a 5 Star Hotel. Just because its not a game night or a busy Friday night, isn’t an excuse for low standards at all.

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