KFC Jordan: Pure Filth Served Daily

While talking about food and hygiene in the office today, I brought up my last food poising episode here in Amman, it was from KFC! I ordered a Zinger Supreme sandwich at around 6:00 p.m, from KFC for an early dinner, by midnight, I woke up with the weirdest nausea feeling on the face of earth, and then it turned into a vomiting fiesta at the house. By 5:00 a.m in the morning, I couldn’t handle the pain, and my mother rushed me to hospital, and they pumped by stomach for any food residue! The food poisoning was so bad that my stomach lining got infected and I had to stay home for three days and was banned from consuming anything other than water.

While, we were talking about it, my colleague Nadeen at work was telling me about her KFC Experience, apparently every time she eats KFC with her friends, their order is always messed up, and they mashed potatoes is almost semi-frozen, she always calls their call-center, they apologize, yet fail to do anything about it. Anyhow, once they got KFC’s mashed potatoes through the KFC drive through, and while waiting at the ordering booth, the man in charge of giving their orders, grabbed the mashed potatoes out of the container with his bare hands, and because they ordered the gravy on the side, the man in the KFC uniform scooped the gravy away with his bare filthy hands to move the gravy to another container. Her dad cancelled the order and swore never to eat from that place again.

Then I got a phone call from my best friend’s mom Theresa, who was telling me that I need to spread the word and blog about KFC, because her friend Rosemary had the most awful experience there two days ago! I couldn’t call Mrs. Rosemary for details, but I got a very detailed e-mail describing her unfortunate experience at KFC Amman, here is what happened:

“Today, Tuesday 19th Oct, I went to the Drive Inn window of the KFC between 7th and 6th circle in West Amman, this is Um Uthaina. I ordered two kids meals with chicken burger and apple juice. I paid and drove up to the window. No one came to the window, I sat for about 5 min. While I was waiting I noticed that the floor inside was littered with French fries. Then a man in the red uniform walked over too the fryer in the corner and added oil but did not come to ask me what I needed. A young girl in the red KFC uniform but with a turquoise colored scarf on her head (the scarf had tassels hanging in her face) was standing in front of the bin where food is keep warm, she was eating French fries. When she noticed me looking at her she stopped and moved out of my sight, she also did not come to the window to speak to me. Then a man walked into the window area, he was dressed in black pants and a black shirt. He was not wearing gloves but he stood by the food counter and blew his nose several times into a white napkin with the KFC red sign on it. He then sneezed, again standing near the open food counter and I did not see him wash his hands. I then tooted my horn and the first man who was putting the oil in the fryer earlier walked over too the window and said ‘ Shu?” When I asked why my order was taking so long, he said ‘just a minute’ and walked away. Finally I saw him , again not wearing gloves , scoop French fries into a kids meal box and put the sandwiches in them and then start to put the boxes into a large plastic bag. I again tooted my horn and told him I didn’t need the extra plastic bag and I did not require the salt and pepper and ketchup that he was putting in the bag. I had also order a zinger sandwich, which he finally handed to me. But I had to ask for the two apple juices that I had also order. I could not believe what I just saw, the service was bad, and the cleanliness of the restaurant was bad. When I was a teenager I worked in a KFC in America, the standard of service and cleanliness was very high, nothing like what I saw today. I would not recommend this KFC and will not return. Sad to see and ashamed if tourist would see it also!!”

It’s just horrible! How come the Ministry of Health allows such restaurants to operate in Jordan?! What happened to standards? To hygiene? Customer service? What a disappointment!

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