King Of Wings

There is Buffalo and there is Wings and then there is both…combined with kick-ass organization by eguides team and the one and only host of Good Food, Good Times and Good Sports Champions Amman, it is safe to say that the KING OF WINGS contest tonight was Amazing!!!!!

See the whole idea of wings dates back to 1964 where the first plate was served at a family-owned establishment called the ANCHOR BAR. See the thing is, the whole wings thing was an accident, or the creation of the wings were at least.

Wings are the brainchild of Teressa Bellissimo, who had received a wrong order of Chicken wings (rather than the other chicken parts that she had) and deep fried them and then battered them with sauce and butter before serving them with Blue Cheese and Celery because those are the only ingredients she had! You gotta say thank God for accidents or else we wouldn’t be having what were having today!

Chicken Wing Day is celebrated every July 29 since 1977, and the first annual National Buffalo Wing Festival was held over labor day 2002 in (where else but) Buffalo, NY. In Jordan, mark the date, today the 2nd of April 2012 was the first Buffalo Chicken Wings eating contest where teams competed for the title of KING OF WINGS!

Just before I forget this I want to mention something, the most honorable part of the event was that the proceeds of all the teams entering tonight will be going to Family Kitchens! I love how we have the spirit of giving back to the community in Jordan, seeing as we haven’t won the contest tonight, I can safely say that this was the most rewarding piece of news any of us could ever hear!

With that said, a picture speaks a thousand wings, ugh words, here are a few happy snaps from tonight’s event that will get you drooling.

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