Mario’s Pizza: Simply Tastier

Yesterday just before the end of the work day, I caught a mouth watering picture on Facebook, one that just yelled at me for not trying to smash into my screen and grab it, of course you may notice the exaggeration in my tone, but really I am not exaggerating but rest assured it was the “hunger factor”. Mario’s Pizza, a pizzeria located at the top of the street by Robina’s Studio on the 7th circle announced the following caption on that crazy image I was talking about “Introducing Buffalo Chicken Calzone .. Amazing spicy taste :)”

I popped in by their shop in the late afternoon for takeout and of-course picked the Buffalo Chicken Calzone alongside an Alfredo Chicken Pizza. By the time I got to my destination, I thought it would be rude not to share my food with anyone (hence Alfredo Chicken Pizza) but at some point a bite from here and a bite from there, my Calzone was ½ consumed before I got to it, but by the time I took my first bite, it was heaven on earth. I couldn’t stop thinking of that picture that got me to order the pizza and thought it’s true what they say “A picture speaks a thousand words”. The Chicken, the Buffalo Sauce and the cheese were just the right portions and tasted sensational and scrumptious, leaving me wanting more.

The Alfredo Chicken Pizza was good but in my humble opinion nothing can match the mouthwatering of the calzone. It had just the right amount of cheese, chicken and mushroom and the crust was thin and fine, I just thought it could use a little bit more sauce, because when I think Alfredo I think Fettuccini Alfredo, and nothing is creamier than the Fettucini sauce.

Needless to say that by lunch break at the office I couldn’t help dialing their number and ordering in delivery, of-course needless to say, I hadn’t had enough Buffalo Chicken Calzone yesterday so I had to go for it today, as I waited for my order I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be as good as what I had the day before.

Sadly delivery time isn’t as anticipated. I placed my order at 1:00 and was told it needs 25 to 30 minutes, I didn’t get it until 2:00, plus the driver only called me for directions at 1:50 (which is not bad given he got here in 10 minutes) but then again you can’t blame them for delivery seeing as they deal with One Delivery…a delivery service that always takes forever to deliver (or in my case at least!)

Needless to say the delivery standards of Mario’s Pizza guarantees a pizza that tastes as good as you have it in-house take out and even delivery! It is a must to consider.

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