Movie Review: Jack Reacher

Spontaneously, my husband and I decided to catch a movie last night, the last two we’ve seen we’re quite horrible. Brad Pitt has disappointed me in what seemed to be like a low budget production in “KILLING THEM SOFTLY” and Nicholas Cage made me want to die a thousand deaths as I struggled to figure out whether to leave or wait because the ending of Stolen would be interesting, but it was a typical text book ending. Well Tom Cruise’s latest film JACK REACHER was on the silver screen menu last night and here are my two cents of thought.

An adaptation of Lee Child’s 2005 novel “One Shot”, Jack Reacher is a film that certainly keeps you eager for more as the story unfolds. The story is about an army sniper who gets arrested for the murder of five victims, the case in the DA’s and police opinion is slam dunk, and they are pretty sure the arrest they made would either make it as a lifetime prison sentence or even better in the DA’s opinion, the death penalty. The defense asks for Reacher to clear his innocence, but Reacher is the kind of guy who is a nomad. No credit cards, no license, uses public transportation, and only uses his bank account once a month for cash withdrawals for his pension, until he decides to show up to the city to bury the suspect who is an expert sniper who allegedly killed the five victims, only to be shocked that the man isn’t guilty by theory and sets to prove otherwise.

The films direction and performance are both solid, and it’s easy to say Mission Impossible star was able to fill in the shoes of fictional character Jack Reacher. The movie effortlessly created a thrill to the audience that hasn’t existed in productions of similar genre in the past couple of months.

It isn’t mission impossible or James bond with all the high tech weapons, stunts, etc…it’s a classic production which keeps you at the edge of your feet as the plot thickens.

A definite must watch with your partner or your friends! I highly recommend it!

Random Facts

Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Vince Vaughn, Jamie Foxx and Will Smith were considered for the role of Jack Reacher before Tom Cruise was cast.

The teaser trailer debuted on Tom Cruise’s 50th birthday.

Lee Child: The author of the books makes a cameo as the cop that gives Reacher his personal belongings back when he leaves jail.


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