Visit Petra

If you’ve seen an Indiana Jones movie then you’ve seen the Treasury, but trust me when I say, you’ve seen nothing. It would take 2 to 3 days to explore Petra as a city, and I’m here to tell you about our journey. Much to my surprise, we did Petra by Night before exploring it […]

Review: Yatta Sushi

It is very common for my friends and I to be hungry and order in throughout the day, and today my friend Nadeen and I were famished at the office, that we ordered in lunch as early as 1:00 p.m. While wondering what to order in for lunch today I eyed the “Yatta Sushi” menu […]

The Good & the Bad of my Experience with KitchenetteJO

The moment I walked into the office today my colleage Nadeen exclaimed that she wanted to try Kitchenette for lunch today, and I figured, it is never harmful to try something new, and many people on twitter seemed fond of their services. We checked out today’s menu, which featured, Caesar Salad, Chicken Escallop sandwich, Kebbeh […]

Recipe: Nachoes

I know part of me doesn’t blog anymore, and that’s mainly because the whole situation in Jordan is unstable, and personally speaking, I hate being political, as a matter of fact I hate having an opinion with what’s going on now a days, which is why I feel that my blog has been neglected. But […]

Review: Pizza Express

My cousin Basma has been raving about this pizza place forever and ever! She went on about it for so long, that my husband suspected it was owned by her fiancés family or something, funny story, random, and completely untrue, but oh well, it seems the place is Pizza Express located in Taj Mall’s terrace. […]