Reform Jordan: Making our country a better place for you and for me

A good friend of mine Ali Dahmash of Under My Olive Tree ( has shared some of his thoughts on Facebook highlighting that the recent attacks on Jordan and doubting the security and stability of the country can be handled if done properly. If anything we are all aware of the current Economic situation that everyone has been suffering from, but as Ali has simply referred to the current circumstance “Instead of complaining about the situation, we are here to create a dialogue with the people and the government on how we can work together to improve our country”.

While many might argue that pointing fingers to those responsible is easier than trying to fix something that is not exactly broken, that just seems like the easy way out. My mother has always told me since I was a little kid, when you point at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you, so instead of pointing fingers left and right and trying to hold other’s responsible perhaps the best change of reforming our beautiful country is to start within. I understand this is not lala-land, a rainbow with gummy bears dancing on it or simple a fairy tale, doing the right thing is usually harder than taking the easy exit out, so while am already here and writing away, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on this subject:

I think it’s time to give back to the community, sounds easy but as someone who has volunteered for many causes I know it’s harder than it sounds, it’s emotionally demanding, as there are many times when reaching out to the unprivileged can move you in ways and bring out emotions that you never you had to start with.

Everywhere I look, I look at advertisements, commercials, millions of Jordanian Dinars spent left and right to brand and cater to different segments of consumers in the markets, where I would like to see more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) being implemented in Jordan.

While many may argue that CSR is something that is costly and not everyone is wiling to invest in, I believe CSR should start with individuals before it’s adapted in corporations. When was the last time you saw an old lady or a blind man standing on the side walk scared to cross the street and you got out of the car to help them out? Most of us just pass by and figure, someone else will do it.

While most of see the streets of Western Amman clean and well maintained and taken care of, have you stepped outside the boundaries of your closed community to see how other’s live in their communities? Broken crooked roads and streets? People living in houses with no roofs barely covered in aluminum shields? Can barely afford a living, basic clothes and food? How about we stop contributing to huge NGO’s and start serving our community as a whole instead of targeted communities. Don’t get me wrong, many of those NGO’s have great causes but their causes are targeted to a certain segment of our society. It’s time to take a step back and look at the picture as a whole.

Be your own citizen, feel good about your self and make a difference in someone else’s life. If you’re clothes have outgrown you, don’t give them to an organization that will act as they see fit, go out on your own and meet families outside your community, communicate with them and listen to them, even if it’s something that you can do for a couple of hours a week. Maybe help a student who goes to public school with his/her English because you know very well that their parents won’t be able to tutor them.

It’s the small things that matter than can make a difference, CSR Policies for corporations need to serve a better purpose beyond advertising, but unless we start with the little things that will make a difference tomorrow, next week and next year, we won’t have a reformed future that will make Jordan a better place.

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