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An appetizing array of food and drink choices lay in the menu of Villa Clara in Jabal Amman. Turning Classic recipes from around the world into scrumptious dishes that can all be enjoyed under one roof. The menu is international and brings together delicious flavors that include French Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Brazilian Cuisine, and Japanese. Whatever cuisine you fancy, you can find it under one roof, cooked in authentic and original recipes that you would want to come back over and over.

Orzo Quinoa Salad

If you’re coming to Villa Clara for the first time, you want to start off with a flavorful salad that is both delicious and healthy using different ingredients and seasoning to make one of the most impressive beginnings to every meal. Some people are comfortable with a traditional Greek or Caesar Salad but I challenge you to go beyond that.

Filled with the delicious Mediterranean flavors, the Orzo Quinoa Salad is to die for! Prepared with with Orzo, Quinoa, cherry tomatoes, coriander, kidney beans, corn and pomegranates, served with vinaigrette dressing… You can’t miss a bite of it.

Panzanella Salad

The Panzanella Salad which is occasionally known as a panmolle takes you onto a mind trip to Tuscany! A delightful summer salad that is best enjoyed in their beautiful garden. Made with Iceberg lettuce, rocks, palmetto, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, artichoke and freshly baked croutons, and served with special herbs sauce… you need to at least make an effort to try it once in your life.

You can’t go wrong starting off with a salad, but you can go wrong ordering a main course without a starter. Whether you’re a traditionalist, who wants to keep it minimum with Edamame or smoked salmon, or want to be more adventurous, you must order a starter while dining at Villa Clara.

I’m in love with their Deep-fried brie cheese; sensational as a starter or a snack and served with a side of cranberry chutney! The combination is so good that you’ll have to remind yourself to enjoy a bite or two while you await your main course to be served.

The Tuscan Mushrooms are promising, but better yet is one of the dishes that I managed to fall in love with, the Orzo Eggplant. This all-star Italian starter will hit all of the right taste buds, needless to say that this is a hearty flavor that can be enjoyed around the season! The combination of tomato sauce, eggplant, and parmesan cheese is a must have every time.

If you’re into tex-mex, you need to try their BBQ Chicken Tortilla . Fresh, simple, and packed with flavor, you can’t go wrong with it, or by ordering their Chicken TNT. Deep fried bite sized chicken dipped in a creamy sauce with just the right amount of spice to give you a kick. For most people who don’t enjoy spicy food, this is a safe option; personally, I would turn up the heat because when sweet meets heat, you can’t go wrong.

Bringing street food to fine dining, I was really looking forward to trying their Corn Croquettes. With a creamy interior and a crispy exterior, these creative tapas are a must try if you like your starters to be more on to the sweet side. Personally, I love my croquettes with a hint of pepper, you can’t go wrong with a touch of Cayenne pepper or a hint of Masala powder, but the texture, presentation, and the taste are just right.

When it comes to your main course you can go Indian, Chinese, or Brazilian! A highly recommended Chinese dish is Beef Szechuan. Fragrant spices, savory soy, and crunchy veggies dressing in a ginger sauce, you will love this twist on a classic Chinese dish indeed. Looking for something as promising but on a sweeter level, then go ahead and try their Cashew Chicken.

The star of the night in my opinion was their Brazilian Style Fillet! Inspired by an authentic churrascaria cuts and served with pumpkin and fresh pineapple chunks, you could just order this delicious Brazilian staple and enjoy it all to yourself.

I was honored to have been given a private tour of their kitchen and to meet the friendly staff, everyone from Chef Abdul Qader to their Sous Chef, Station Chef, and their pâtissier who was preparing vol au vents that smelled as good as they looked.

Villa Clara is ideal for those who like to enjoy good food in a quiet and calm dining room. It is ideal for a business lunch, quality time with friends, and even a date night. When you drive all the way to Villa Clara, you won’t be disappointed, the ambiance, attention to detail, staff, and food are worth it.



Location: 3rd Circle – Jabal Amman – Opposite LEVANT

Call: 07 9767 0088


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