Review: Buffalo Wings & Rings

Friday was quite the delightful evening, unlike most Friday’s I headed down to Souk Jara to enjoy the cool breeze and for Jara-Quality time only to be squished between people who we’re literally there blocking everyone’s way walking back and forth and not letting anyone breath, so I took off down rainbow street with a few friends until we walked across Buffalo Wings and Rings. Tempted by the idea of boneless chicken wings, we took a corner and decided to dine there for the night.

We sat there for a good 10 minutes before a waitress approached us for our orders, only problem is that we never got our menu’s to start with, which I found quite amusing, but I guess with the rush of a packed-Friday evening I was in too much of a good mood and let it slide without any comments, when we got out menu’s I settled for an eight-piece Boneless Wings with Buffalo sauce while my friends settled traditional wings with Bleu cheese and a beer.
After what seemed for ever and annoying southern music that boomed through the speakers and a boring golf tutorial and a random TV Channel which I found quite annoying and inappropriate the food has arrived and silence pretty much over came us.
You know when the food is too good you just want dig in and you don’t want anyone interrupting your indulgence, it was something like that. The boneless wings were drenched with buffalo sauce, which I had resisted for a few bites before I had to chunk down some water, and not the annoying kind of hot that makes you want to choke, it was a perfect match of buffalo dressing that doesn’t make your eyes tear but makes your throat slightly dry as you consumer your food and the tip of your tongue slightly tingly from the spices sensations.  Quite a unique experience if you ask me.
The place it self is enjoyable, very down to earth with a pleasant outdoor seating where we had chosen to dine, and an indoor seating which I find more appropriate for a hot summer day rather than a cool summer evening, the staff is very friendly and always welcome customers with a big smile which is great, but I think the kitchen needs to pick up it’s pace with the food.

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