Review: Casereccio Abdoun

It’s been almost two years since I have dined at Casereccio Abdoun, mainly because I find delivery to be more convenient and quite frankly, I find Casereccio Abdoun located in a busy alley where I can’t bother go through the traffic to get there. Friday was an exception.

When I made it to Casereccio with a few friends, I was shocked to have seen the attention to detail in the remodeling; they have eliminated the upper floor and turned into a nice, cozy, Italian restaurant. It felt like country side Tuscany and they have beautiful art set up in front of the restaurant that resembles a true dining experience for those sitting parallel to the street.

We have settled for a Caesar Salad for a person, an order of 3 kinds of pasta, choosing (Spaghetti Aglio e Soya, Penne Arrabbiata, Fettuccine Funghi) and a separate order of the creamy Fettuccine Funghi. The Caesar salad was ordered with chicken but was served without and was returned instantly to the kitchen for grilled chicken strips to be added. The 3-Kinds of Pasta was sensational, I took a few bites and loved it, and eventually the creamy sauce of the Fettuccine and the Penne have blended and has formed a beautiful combination of a rosey tasty sauce that I didn’t mind tasting, and my Fettuccine Funghi was served and presented beautifully. The portion was huge, I wasn’t able to finish it up on my own, and however, I found that the crème served was just too much. I had a pull of white sauce swimming in my bowl as I was half way down with my tasty Funghi.

Service was fast at first, as there were only one other couple in the restaurant, but after we we’re served the attention to our table was derived to chatty waiters on the side of the restaurant. No water re-fills, and mostly when we ran out of water, the waiter just took away our bottle, without (1) bothering to ask us if we cared for more or (2) replace it as we none of us have ordered drinks and were sticking to a health glass of water each.

All in all, I found it to be a delightful visit, worth going back to if I may add =)

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