Review: International Iftar Buffet @ Kashmir & Al Argeeleh

Iftar at Kashmir and Al-Argeelah started off as disappointing, although I am generally a big fan of pre set menus and rarely go for buffets during the Holy Month of Ramadan but I made an exception as I wasn’t the one making the reservations, however now I am sure pre-set menus are the way to go! Upon arriving and being escorted by a host to our table we were greeted by a waiter passing around soup, sadly Lentil Soup was served and they didn’t have another option, who does that in Ramadan I wondered to myself. Out of five people, three  asked for another option, and ofcourse go figure, they don’t serve any. Its never safe to assume that people like Lentil soup so I found that a major disappointment to break my fast.

Upon the call of Maghreb prayers a few people lit up cigs and by a few I mean 3 and the place stinked of cigarette residue the ventilation was horrible, which wasn’t exactly the best way to start consuming food.  The buffet however although featuring a wide selection of salads, appetizers along side a live cooking Chinese and pasta stations was tight in space The appetisers we’re at the very end of a narrow balcony making the line impossible for people to serve themselves without rigidly bumping to each other.

As for the food, Hot foul mdamas was served by the wide array of appetisers, with the right combination of olive oil and their tasty bread baskets that were laid out on the table you are in for a good dish.The Indian vegetable sambosa are sensational and so was the spring rolls were quite tasty. As for the food the main meal was stuffed lamb which I didn’t have. I opted for Indian rice, fettuicine and chinese butter chicken. As for the food it was all great except for the fettuicine it needed both salt and pepper it was plain.For dessert I enjoyed amazing knafeh and even a better awameh that tasted like a piece of heaven.

By the time people were ordering argeeleh the ventilation seemed to be picking up but not enough as the windows barely crack open and the ventilation system didn’t seem to handle the multiple lit argeelehs, the lack of oxygen in the room made most of us at our table sleepy and heading out else where for a Ramadani night out.

The service was rather slow. We had piled up most of our dishes on a near by side table as we were lucky to be sitting in the far corner of the restaurant to make space for our dishes. During Iftar an Elissa CD was booming in the background which was not Ramadani at all for my taste but the live band made up for it as they played music that made ones soul skip a beat. What I found tacky though is envelopes placed on the table by Ala’ and Shady salon for a free hot oil treatement. All I could think of was what the hell??

Finally we ordered a round of green tea and tea with mint aka “Shay bi Na3Na3″ got the Shay but no Na3 Na3. I guess if ur in for good food but can tolerate bad service you should consider Kashmir and Al-Argeeleh. For me I won’t consider it again, not in Ramadan at least.

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