Review: Khuttariat Ramadani Nights

Ramadan at Khuttar is certainly a delightful experience if you plan on going with a group of friends or even your family, for card lovers like my self you can always set up base and play cards or you can just play backgammon which is available at the cafe it self. I met up with a few Advisors from the Meal Advisors Team and it is needless to say that it was a supeb experience.

While many people don’t eat in Ramadan after Iftar, given the obvious that most people are full from a previous meal, there is always space for nibbles and Ramadan favorites. Simple but tasty with a hint of spice Khuttar included Humus, Foul and Tormous for nibbles, along side divine Mini Atayef from Moka Cafe that come in Cocco with Chocolate Shavings, Caramel that tastes like it had a hint of Macadamia Nuts (But my taste buds could be off) and my favorite out of all of them creme with Blueberries.
The argeeleh at Khuttar was good, I am usually a water melon and mint kind of person, keeping in mind that I consume hubbly bubbly in Ramadan but not throughout the year, the flavor was sublime. Most places either have the water melon dominate the mint or vice versa, but it seemed like they had a perfect combination. The live band was awesome, although my mind was consumed trying to beat my opponents in “Trix” which of-course I did the live band gave the cafe the perfect blend of a Ramadan night out.
Only down side in my personal opinion was the AC, opening the adjacent window to our table brought in a perfect cool summer breeze and well I have to humor my self and say this the playing cards. Orange have branded playing cards at Khuttar, thoughtful but too slimey and annoying, if you plan on playing cards bring your own. As for the service it will meet your expectations just as the place as a Ramadan hangout, the staff are friendly, polite, poised and get orders in a timely manner.

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