Review: Pizza Express

My cousin Basma has been raving about this pizza place forever and ever! She went on about it for so long, that my husband suspected it was owned by her fiancés family or something, funny story, random, and completely untrue, but oh well, it seems the place is Pizza Express located in Taj Mall’s terrace.

So we drove up earlier this evening around 10:00 – and we’re greeted with very friendly staff, so friendly yet that kind of staff who give you the space to talk, go through the menu, and leave you alone unless beckoned otherwise without hovering all over the place.

With my New Year resolutions of as I like to call it ‘Being health’, I was told up front that I wouldn’t have the guilt of indulging into a pizza, and truly I didn’t. As I’ve promised myself I’ve opt for a light option that is said to be around 400 calories or so according to their global website, and had the infamous “American Hot Leggera”. Here is a quick run-down of my thoughts of the whole experience:

First Impressions

Walking into the place for the first time, I did a quick run-down, floors are sparkling clean, waiters are super friendly, and it wasn’t that full, so we had the leisure to picking our own booth rather than a table. We weren’t abandoned at the table without a menu, and well, it was a pleasant first impression.

Just before the Bites

The diversity of the menu is great, and alarming all at once, so much to consider, it’s actually scary, but worth-while, I find it worth coming back to experience other options. When we were ready to order the waiter jotted down our order, and waited patiently with a rather genuine smile while my cousin was going crazy trying to figure what side salad she should order, gently went through our order again, before leaving us briefly, and coming back to simply serving our drinks before disappearing again.

While the waiter disappeared to process our order, I got the chance to take a second look, the decor is great, the place is well-lit, but then again, not the annoying kind of lighting that pierces through your eyes, everyone seems to be enjoying their time, and frankly so did we. I felt that the order took forever, but it wasn’t that long, maybe I was just hungry. About 12-15 mins after we ordered we were served.

Digging In

Presentation (my picture may look deceiving, I’m not a great photographer) and taste was beyond words can describe. Perfectly thin sliced pieces of pepperoni, showered with light mozzarella, tomato sauce, an optional round of roquito or jalapeño peppers, and topped in the middle with a mouth-watering, crisp, fresh, and sensationally tasting rocca salad.

Ready to Leave

When asking for the bill we got it immediately, and paid up, my Pizza was JD 8, delicious, sensational, and worthy, but also a little bit pricey for the size, but I would just order it over and over again. Overall it was a great experience, obvisouly, I am happily typing away with delight, and I would pop by over and over! I think I’m about to call it my guilt-free place to go, seeing as you don’t leave feeling bloated, the pizza isn’t oily at all, and the salad, is just somehow out of this world with all of its freshness.

Oh, while I was walking out, I got the chance to snap this quick picture of the dough being prepared for an order. Thanks for taking the time to read my review.

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