Review: Yatta Sushi

It is very common for my friends and I to be hungry and order in throughout the day, and today my friend Nadeen and I were famished at the office, that we ordered in lunch as early as 1:00 p.m. While wondering what to order in for lunch today I eyed the “Yatta Sushi” menu on my desk and figured, hey I love browsing through their menu so might as well do it! So I flashed it at Nadeen, she said nope with the big smile on her face, meaning yes, but we’re about to go out of line to order in food, but hey we got paid two days ago, so we can afford to go splurging out paychecks on sushi once a month.

While browsing the menu we decided on what each would order, and made it very clear to the gentlemen talking the order from NFC that we need to have our orders set into different platters!

Nadeen went for the Kani Salad with Extra Sauce, Spicy Salmon, Philly, Crazy California, Shrimp Special and the Futo Maki, while I settled for a Crunch Tuna Salad (which I ordered Spicy), Spicy Salmon and Spicy Tuna Sushi’s, Spicy Tuna and Double Trouble Maki’s. By 1:00 p.m our order was successfully places, and we were notified that it would take 50 minutes for it to get delivered to our offices at the 6th circle.

Of course, as usual NFC has failed to deliver our order on time, which always seems to get on my nerves, we have ordered in twice from Wox this week, and today from Yatta, and not once have we gotten our order on time, and usually if we call back up to ask on the status of our order we seem to get the same answer “Sorry but there is so much traffic on the road.” Which is why I didn’t even bother calling them up today! But its common sense, if you know you can’t deliver within a 50 minute time span then you shouldn’t tell the customers 50 minutes! Eventually your customers get very disappointed and pissed off, and start complaining on their blog, as I am doing right now, or pick up the phone and give them an earful on such poor service.

Thankfully we got our food at 2:20 p.m which makes our order 20 minutes late, but at least they split up the containers to fit our orders separately but as it turns out they placed my order of Double Trouble Maki’s in my friends container, and then again yatta sushi has failed me miserably for the first time ever. I ordered my Crunchy Tuna Salad to be spicy, and when I got it, it was mild; I got two orders of spicy salmon sushi’s instead of an order of spicy salmon and another of spicy tuna, given that the spicy salmon is .500 cents cheaper than the spicy tuna on their menu.

Other than that, which is a huge indicator that I won’t be ordering in Sushi from Yatta again via delivery the food was good and sensational, Nadeen was disappointed with her Philly Maki order because their usually plumped up with cream cheese, and today the crème cheese was barely there, it just felt like another maki roll.

For an order that was 20 minutes late, we at least expected them to get it right, but sadly they didn’t! Too bad my sushi craving today ended with a massive disappointment.

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