Review: Casereccio Abdoun

It’s been almost two years since I have dined at Casereccio Abdoun, mainly because I find delivery to be more convenient and quite frankly, I find Casereccio Abdoun located in a busy alley where I can’t bother go through the traffic to get there. Friday was an exception. When I made it to Casereccio with […]

King Of Wings

There is Buffalo and there is Wings and then there is both…combined with kick-ass organization by eguides team and the one and only host of Good Food, Good Times and Good Sports Champions Amman, it is safe to say that the KING OF WINGS contest tonight was Amazing!!!!! See the whole idea of wings dates […]

Movie Review: Jack Reacher

Spontaneously, my husband and I decided to catch a movie last night, the last two we’ve seen we’re quite horrible. Brad Pitt has disappointed me in what seemed to be like a low budget production in “KILLING THEM SOFTLY” and Nicholas Cage made me want to die a thousand deaths as I struggled to figure […]