Souk Jara 2011

So it’s Friday the 13th and many people know/think of this day as one of those superstitious ones,  Stay away from black cats and ladders, your mom might tell you is one of many Friday the 13th superstitions out there, some have taken it to extremes of telling horror stories, but here in Amman, today Friday the 13th marked the first day of the Jara Market.


What I found remarkable about this years Souk Jara was the Bloggers/Tweeps Tweet Up this year at 10:30 organized by fellow blogger from Confessions of a Chubby, Ali AlHasani, although I didn’t make it to the Souk before 11:15 a.m which meant I had missed the most important part, I still managed to bump into so many interesting tweeps and chat up some interesting people out there.


As Hassan Hamoudi from walked through the popular Jordanian flea market I couldn’t help but think of how great it has been having a Souk Jara every year in Jordan, it was different and for some reason, I seem to have come to the reality that it has become a Ammani tradition, I don’t think I can see a summer without Jara, at least the ones where my friends or family fly from abroad, you can always find something to do there on an awkward Friday morning when nothing seems appealing enough.


So my sleepless observations taken from behind my gigantic black shades which I dreaded to take off so early in the morning where lots of accessories and hand-made ornaments, home made-natural soap, the hot dog guy who refused to sell me a hotdog cause the grill wasn’t on yet (Haha, I cant believe I am holding a grudge already) and well my favorite of all time Batatee5, love their smoothies!! As we headed back up, we stopped for Breakfast, Fahijta, which am sure doesn’t count as breakfast but believe it or not, it was sensational! I even forgot to ask the lady what her name was but seriously mouth-watering sensational. By the time, chatting up with fellow tweeps and catching up with them was over, I had to run home, its one of those long Fridays with so many plans, and I wished I could stay behind longer, but I figured, maybe next week?


While I’m already here and spilling my thoughts into my blog, I think its worth to mention today’s rain?! Or not; but if you live in Amman you are likely to have know about the rain showers that hit today, I was lucky to have left before everyone was drenched, but then again karma is quite a charmer, because as soon as I got out of my car, I slipped face down on the staircase of my house and thought, ugh, people in Jara much be drenched, but that doesn’t make it less of an event now does it? So it rained? I think it gave it an extra flavor, believe it or not, it was quiet hot this morning.



So the first day of Souk Jara was quiet a thrilling experience, never fail to impress me, and the organizers did a kick-ass job, but while I am here, I would just like to drop a quick recommendation, they need to have more trash cans around, we need to keep out country clean, so trash cans are a must for disposals, I’ll make sure to mention it the next time I am there.

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