The Follow Up of my KFC Blogpost

Yesterday I got an email from Mohammad Azzam, a very nice young man that I met during the MENAICT Forum earlier this month, he read my blog post on KFC, “KFC Jordan: Pure Filth Served Daily” and has e-mailed the post to the KFC head-quarters! As it turns out the Quality Manager of the region called him and apologized and requested a meeting with me to show us the “True KFC Experience”.

I called Mohammad up and arranged for a meeting, and we met at KFC Abdoun with Quality Assurance Manager Mr. Malek Hejazy, and Area Manager’s Mr. Adel Agha and Mr. Raed Soud from Americana Group. They apologized for their service (of course) and explained to me that they are working on improving their service through many Mystery Shopping campaigns through their variety of services (in-restaurant, delivery and drive thru). They offered me dinner to try their food but quite frankly I don’t think I’ll have KFC for quite a while in Jordan.

Ironically, I was telling their Q.A Manager that my last visit to Beirut included daily deliveries of KFC, his reaction was priceless, saying, Lebanon wasn’t better than Jordan, he’s half Lebanese and he can assure me it’s not the same in terms of quality, their worse. I still can’t stop laughing, Quality Assurance means that KFC Worldwide should have the same quality as it’s a franchise, not have a country or a region with better or worse quality than the other!

Anyhow for what it’s worth, it was a good, short meeting, they apologized for their service and promised massive improvements in their system, the QA Manager even asked me to notify him the next time I consider making an order, quite frankly, I told him I won’t. If I ever decide to order KFC, the order will not be made under my name, my family name, my address or my work place, I’ll probably order at a friend’s house, under their name, to see if their quality has improved, and if anything, I don’t think I’ll be interested in delivery, I want to drive up to a KFC Drive through and see a clean restaurant on the inside of the kitchen area, clean floors, hair nets and gloves, or else I’ll just cancel my order and reclaim my cash!

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