The Good & the Bad of my Experience with KitchenetteJO

The moment I walked into the office today my colleage Nadeen exclaimed that she wanted to try Kitchenette for lunch today, and I figured, it is never harmful to try something new, and many people on twitter seemed fond of their services.

We checked out today’s menu, which featured, Caesar Salad, Chicken Escallop sandwich, Kebbeh Labaniyeh, Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Lasgna! I was desperate to have some Lasagna but wasn’t sure I was willing to have pasta delivered to my office, I like my Lasagna hot and fresh.

Nadeen chose to go for a home-cooked meal and ordered Kubbeh Labaniyeh, which she gave a rating of 7/10. The Kubbeh was falling apart and wasn’t firm enough, but regardless she found it tasty!

Personally I ordered Chicken Escallop , the photo associated with the sandwich on the Kitchenette menu looked like a mini-baguette with chicken escallop pieces piled on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, where as the description was tempting mentioning a “thin chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs, served with a lemon slice and fries.” It sounded quite appealing so I ordered it.

I was surprised when I received my order that it was merely a chicken burger literally, in a burger bun, deep fried piece of chicken, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes, too much for a bread-crumbed fried chicken breast with lemon slices and fries! What a disappointment! Personally I felt betrayed, the menu description and associated image was mis-leading and did not meet my expectations at all.

I’m sure with their number of satisfied customers Kitchenette has many dedicated loyal customers who will keep on going back for more, but I for one, tried them once and was quite frustrated with the outcome, am not sure I’ll be taking the risk again and placing an order through them!

Back to Junk Food and take out I guess…

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