The Jo3an Review: Deeritna Express

Since it has become a tradition to order in lunch at the office at least three times a week and always complain or applaud the services that we receive, and since I strongly agree with the statement that “I live to eat” because food is such an enjoyment in my life, I have decided to start up a new tag in “Sleepless in Amman” called “The Jo3an Review” for those of you who are non-arab speakers jo3an means hungry, a word that I always say when am famished; which is when the massive consumptions kick into my daily life.

Today we ordered in from Deeritna Express, we checked out their menu at and chose to have Chicken Shawerma, Ouzi Sorar, and Chicken Milanese.

The Deeritna Shawerma which is an all-time favorite of one of our guests who ordered it in today was consumed with much delight, and the Ouzi Sorar which was ordered by my boss Mahmoud and my coworker Nadeen was good.

Nadeen said it was very good, and that she liked it better than Jabri’ Ouzi sorar seeing as the last time she ordered in from Jabri it was down-sized and wasn’t enough for one person, where as Mahmoud slightly commented that it was good yet needed salt!

Personally I had the Chicken Milanese, which is very good, and with a squeeze of the lemon wedgie that was provided tasted quite sensational, the carrots, peas and brocllii where steamed to perfection, which was good to enjoy. However the French fries was horrible, not fresh, and well seemed to have gone very limp and became moist by the time it was delivered to us!

All in all, we had an over-all good experience with Deeritna, however we recommend that they become more punctual. I have marked the clock exactly after we had placed the order and it was 12:59 p.m; the man who took the order over the phone said we should be getting it within 50 minutes maximum, yet the delivery guy walked into our office at 2:04 p.m exactly, that’s 15 minutes later that the delivery time.

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